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Check/Update lifetime Map - Start 52

Hello, I'm a newbie on this, so I've been searching for some answers around here but still got some issues unsolved on my mind.
I got a start 52 (XR) device bought about 2 months ago with lifetime maps service.
On my device I checked that my map version is Europe without Russia - 1030.9621. I also checked that this version is from May 2019 and the actual maps version is 1047 from April 2020.
Wasn't it suposed to be already updated to a newer version when using MyDrive Connect ?
How can I check if I really have the lifetime maps service active or is there any step that I may have missed on some configurations that is avoiding the update to be done ?

Thanks for your time and sorry for my English as it is not my motherlanguage.


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  • Pedro_PachecoPedro_Pacheco Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks a lot,

    was it something I should have done ?
  • Pedro_PachecoPedro_Pacheco Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    edited April 2020
    Strange fact is that I still have an expiration date on the maps, 2025, as I get a message that for my device that I bought about 2 months the tomtom company no longer sells services, that I can still use my device but no new services will be available.... This means that I can forget the "lifetime Maps", as my device by the time I bought it was already at the end of it's life ?
    Or as it seems that for some devices the expiration date on maps will auto-renew as they were bought with lifetime maps ?
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