Where have POI’s gone on the Go 620?

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I had a Go 620 for some time, when it failed. I was immediately sent a new one. I assume it had newer software, because where previously I could check a long list of POI’s and choose the ones I wanted to show, now there are none. I have spent some time trying to find what I have to do to add POI listings to my device, and if the information is around, it’s well hidden!
I thought “read the manual” - and if I could find the right one to download, I would!
I’ve been using TomToms for years, and never had this problem before. What’s going on? And where can I get POI’s?


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    Hi @Clearcomms

    This should help.


    Also if you have added the new unit to the same account as your old one then the new on should sync to the account which hopefully has your old My Places. Poi and route files on it . If you go to the My Drive webpage and log in to the account you had for the old unit then you can see if your old data is saved there.

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    First, thank you for a very prompt response. Maybe it’s me, but it didn’t help.
    When I log into my account and got to my old device there is no sign of POI’s.
    Once upon a time POI’s came with the device - and the lists were brilliant. Presumably this is no longer the case? Can I download the old TomTom POI lists from somewhere? Or have I got to start hunting the web to find lists that are some use?
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    I hope I am being clear here. Before, if I went somewhere new, I could, for instance, select “Restaurants” from the built in POI list, and restaurants showed on my GPS. Now, no sign of anything like that.
    These were not POI lists that I installed, they came on the device, or with the maps.
    So if I have to download such lists from somewhere else, where can I find comprehensive and authoritative lists for my region, or indeed, for anywhere?
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    Are you logged in MYDrive on the device ???

    Download the GO 620 User guide....
    Here... http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/gox20x/index.htm