Updating with my drive connect

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Have been trying to update with my drive connect for over a week. Repeatedly get servers busy. Try again later. Have rebooted PC, closed and opened MDC, connected and reconnected Tom Tom. Reinstalled latest version of my drive connect. Any suggestions.


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    Hi @LarryGerlt

    Your VIA works like my Start 25. The recurring message "Busy Servers" concerns more particularly NAV3s like ours.

    Usually a clean reinstallation of MyDrive connect solves the problem "Busy Servers", but it may come back the next time you use MDC. (1st part of the link below)

    Look at the link below how to do it, try the second part of my message to avoid the return of the message "Busy Servers" each time you try to update your device.
    - Delete the two hidden MDC folders "HOME3" and "MyDrive Connect" in MDC
    - uncheck the 2 options:
    "Start MyDrive Connect when computer starts(recommended)"
    "Automatically download updates between ...".

    It sounds a bit long and complicated but it is much easier to do than to read and it works for me.