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Connect TomTom App with Apple Carplay

HeidelbaerHeidelbaer Posts: 16 [Legendary Explorer]
I'm looking for an option to connect my iPhone 7 and a TomTom App (which I do not know yet which one?) via ApplecarPlay to my car's big screen. More importantly the App should allow planning on the PC and the planned route should consist of many (say 50) way points which will be recorded as visited once I have passed them. Similiar to what I'm used to with my TomTom Rider on the bike. So not like it is on GoogleMaps where it only leads you from way point to way point.
Could somebody be so kind and recomment a product of TomTom which meets these criterias.

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  • HeidelbaerHeidelbaer Posts: 16 [Legendary Explorer]
    Doug, Thanks.
    does this mean that TomTom has no product on offer to solve my intention above?
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