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Arrival time not reliable anymore.

LordSinclairLordSinclair Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
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I was on the road yesterday since a long time because of the advice to stay as much at home as possible.
My TomTom was up-to-date with the latest maps and software. I drove during the day when the new speed limit is 100km/h which the TomTom perfectly knew because the max speed in the screen was 100km/h. I was driving (at tomtom speed) with 104km/h on cruisecontrol. But within the 1h15m on the highway the device had to add 6 minutes to my arrival time. It seems TomTom knows the new speed limit but still calculates with the old average speed which is above the maximum speed limit. This makes the estimated arrival time unreliable during daytime. That's really a pity because that was one of the great things that was amazingly correct before the new speed limit.

Will there be an update that resets the average speed limits and do proper calculations (at least take the maximum speed as max speed to calculate with)?

For people who don't know:
06.00 - 19.00 -> 100km/h
other times -> 130km/h


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,952 Moderator
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    Hi @LordSinclair

    Welcome to the community and thank you for the feedback.

    I will forward this to the team, I will need some additional information.

    1. Current map and the version installed
    2. Route planning settings.
    3. Start point and the destination( You can send this to me through a private message if you don't wish to post this on the public side.)

    Thanks again,
  • LordSinclairLordSinclair Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi Vikram,

    Thank you for your quick response. This are the answers to your questions:
    1) 'Europe' v1047.10168 (03/2020)
    2) "Neem altijd de snelste route" -> Roughly translated: Always take the fastest route
    3) I will send you a pm.

    Thanks in advance.
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 6,058
    I had the exact same issue on Dutch highways: the ETA increases when driving on the highways during daytime. I think this is a logical result of how the IQ Routes works ( It calculates routes (and ETAs) based on historical speed measurements (instead of just maximum speed). So if a new speed limit is introduced, this IQ Routes algorithm needs some time to 'learn' the new speed limits. I'm not sure how far back data is taken into account for the IQ Route speed profiles, but I guess this is a couple of months. In that case, it will take at least a couple of months before the ETAs will be realistic again.

    Another way would be to manually overrule the historical IQ Routes data with a lower average speed profile during daytime. I'm not sure TomTom can do that, but that could perhaps help a bit in this case.
  • LordSinclairLordSinclair Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
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    Megalos wrote: »
    I think this is a logical result of how the IQ Routes works

    I think that too. The IQ routes are not that smart in this situation, they have to learn it again. But saying that it's weird that TomTom calculate ETA's with speeds above the legal speed limit. It should never happen that you have to break the speed limit to arrive at the ETA (if there are no delays).
  • dmulvdmulv Posts: 671
    The problem is though, if it's the IQ Routes at fault then it'll take more than a couple of months to correct, as they're embedded into the map data. It won't be until the next map release at the earliest before they'll be corrected.
  • LordSinclairLordSinclair Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I was quiet disappointed the last weeks that the last maps still can't calculate the correct arrival time (you still need to add 5 a 10 minute for each hour drive) during daytime. For that you can beter use Google Maps these days.

    TomTom is loosing credits here!
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