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When I watch the manual, the say, to activate your phone .on the TomTom via 52, .. say activate gsm, or activate mobile etc. But that option is not working in TomTom via 52..... is that correct. My TomTom say in voice commands that he not understands what to do......


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    Hi @Leo52

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    Do you have a computer voice installed and activated, e.g. Serena?

    If not I have added that for your device. You can download it using MyDrive Connect.

    See more information in the user manual here and here.

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    Thanks for the message , I have instal the Dutch voices. When I give a voice command tot drive to a adres than it’s working in the list of all commands there is not a option to activated with voice my phone. But in the manual of the TomTom via 52 it say it can. I think this is a mistake in the manual. Thanks again for your reply
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    Hi @Leo52

    I have just looked at the English manual for the Via52 and Voice Control is covered from page 104/109. I cannot see any reference to activate GSM or my phone. Could you provide some more information please.

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    Using an iPhone... Here in the UK its....
    Say "Hello Tomtom"
    Wait for the beep
    Say "Activate Phone"
    Device says "Activating Phone"
    I say "Phone Home" device Phones Home
    If I spell out the full Phone number the device rings the Number...

    I assume you want to use the Dutch language
    Say "Hello Tomtom" But in Dutch
    Wait for the beep
    Say "All Commands" In Dutch
    The device displays the list of commands
    Scroll to the bottom of the list
    The command to activate the Phone is the last Item on the list....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM