Lock screen orientation on 1505m (star 25)

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I can't find the option on the menu to lock the screen orientation - sometimes while driving the screen suddenly turns 180 degrees (specially due to some tripping on the road). My device doesn't have the menu > appearance > display option.


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    I realise the post below is for a NAV3 device when the screen does not Auto-rotate
    But I was thinking the orientation sensor on your device may be sticky rather than stuck

    This has worked for my Via 120 Live when the screen would not Auto-rotate....
    With the device turned on, hold the device firmly in one hand with the screen facing toward you...
    Give the edge of the device a firm tap using the palm of your other hand
    I don't know how a orientation sensor works but the firm tap brings it back to life

    Be careful you do not drop the device....

    Use the above information at your own discretion

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    Hi, thank you very much for your prompt reply. I'll try doing that, happy easter!