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Installing Map Share updates.

Gert1941Gert1941 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
I am a member of the Map Share community. But when updating my Carminat TomTom SD card I always get the message: You haven't updated your map for more than 20 weeks.


  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    That message does not refer to Map Share updates whiuch are minor changes, it means you're using an old map. Latest map is v1045 (or 1047)
  • Gert1941Gert1941 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I have 7 different European maps installed on my laptop. I am currently using the map of Benelux v1045. So I am not using an old map.
  • CarminatCarminat Posts: 989 [Revered Pioneer]
    Do you mean you have maps for 7 different countries of Europe? If so, did you buy them all from TomTom?
  • Gert1941Gert1941 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Yes, I purchased from TomTom previous year a map of Europe. This map is split up by TomTom Home on my laptop in 7 maps. These maps have different versions.
    Benelux has version v1045, The other maps have versions v1035 (Europe and Europe northern zone) or v1040 (e.g..Germany and France). I regularly update my map on the SD-card, but I always get the message that I have not updated my map for more than 20 weeks.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,966
    Hi @Gert1941

    I assume that when you bought the map you had updates available for a certain period and not lifetime.. Whilst you have 7 map zones on your PC can you only have 1 of the map zones on your device at any time. If that is the case maybe the maps have different versions because when you loaded each map zone if there was an update for it then you downloaded it thus they are all different versions.

    I also assume that the map update period for the Map you bought has expired and so it is saying that there will be no more updates unless you purchase them.

    If I am wrong I am sure someone will advise accordingly.

  • DreamepDreamep Posts: 92 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I have the same issue, prior or after installing 10.45 of EUROPE. There is no new version available yet always get the same message. So it was and it is the last map available.
  • Gert1941Gert1941 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    I purchased a map of Europe with a 1 year update service in november 2019. So the update period has not expired.
    After the last map update I performed, I now have 15 (instead of 8) different maps of European regions and countries on my laptop. All v1045. I installed Benelux on my SD-card.
    However I still get the message that I didn't update my maps more than 20 weeks.
    When driving my car and using my Carminat TomTom navigation system, I have no indications that my map is not up-to-date.
    However I find the message that I didn't update my maps disturbing.

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