Does TomTom actully use Satalites in actual Space?

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Hi TomTom folks! Please answer this simple question to help me prove my friend wrong. The question is: How does TomTom GPS specifically work?

Option 1) TomTom launched a satelite into space, it's up there orbiting now, and each GPS unit has a direct line of sight to the little black box orbiting in space.

- If you chose option 1, please provide the date/time, location, and name of the rocket that took the satellites to space.

Option 2) Tomtom has large ground, earth based satellite dish that bounce the GPS signal off the ionosphere

Option 3) The device uses triangulation with RF - the same as a cell phone.

Option 4) TomTom uses large floating "weather-balloons" similar to the Google Loon project, consisting of a giant helium balloon that floats overhead caring a "satellite.