Wrong GPS data & no laptop connection

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I ran a route from my home this morning, which I have run before, whilst the stats from the watch seem to be correct i.e. time, HR etc, the GPS shows a route in an old quarry about 5 miles away from where I actually ran. What went wrong, I've not had this issue before? Also I can only get data by connecting via bluetooth to my mobile now, plugging to my laptop I can no longer transfer data. My software on both watch and computer are up to date. TIA!


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    Hi @Duffstar

    Welcome to the Community! See the comment here from tfarabaugh about wrong distance calculations on your watch.

    About the watch connection to your computer, is the charging cradle/dock in good condition? Like make sure the pins are not bent or deformed and that the contacts on the watch are clean and not worn off (they should be gold). Mostly it's the dock when the watch is unable to connect to the computer.

    Regards, lampard