Contact search with latest version v2.2 on Go Navigation App

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Contacts not in search v 2.2 tomtom go


  • lampard
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    Hi @Xantom

    Welcome to the Community! Are you able to see the Contacts column under Search from the main menu? If yes, does the contacts appear in there? What happens when you type a name in the search bar? It'll be helpful if you can elaborate on this issue.

    Regards, lampard
  • Xantom
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    Yes I see the contact columm and when I click on it all my contacts more then 500 then Ik have to sroll by hand trough my contacts sinda v2.2 tomtomgo for iphone from 8-4-2020..
    But the name of the contact is not showing up in the search results.

    Before this update I was able the write a name in the search bar and then click on contacts and the name appear.

    Regard Xan
  • lampard
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    Thanks, Xan for explaining this!

    In our aim to make searching easier by unifying the results for addresses and POIs, we find that we have made it difficult for users to find contacts. We understand this frustration and are evaluating options to enable search/filter functionality for contacts. We will post more information here on the forums as soon as possible.

    Regards, lampard
  • PJCwasHere
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    Just upgraded GO on iPhone. The SEARCH function searches everything and the results are USELESS. I searched for a name I know exists in My Contacts... but it is so buried in the results I can’t even find it in the results. How do I RESTRICT the criteria eg just select MY Contacts or Favourites or Recents or the Google type search for wider searching(like it does now)??
    Also, if I select Contacts from the Search Screen, how do I search them? I have 4000+ contacts and scrolling instead of search is just annoying. How do I just search my contacts?
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    Same problem here; first scrolling in my contacts without a search option is silly at least, I cannot understand how this has passed any quality control. Secondly unifying the search is a very slow experience.. perhaps an idea of rolling back this update?
  • lampard
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    Hi All,

    We understand that we have made finding contacts more difficult. We are actively working on bringing back search for contacts. We'll update the app with this functionality as soon as possible.

    Regards, lampard
  • P_Bender
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    The versions before 2.2 had the "standard" search option where you got a field for input.

    One of the most simple things was putting all your contact details in Outlook, have your device synchronise with Outlook and be able to scroll through your contacts (name / adress and so on). This worked for all iPhone TomTOm app versions I have had. Starting about 10 years (or maybe even more)

    WHY TAKE THAT OUT??? (or ...... how difficult can it be to bring it back)

    Browsing through +/- 1000 contacts ....... no that's fun / a good option :-(
  • DougLap
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    Hi @P_Bender

    Searching Contacts added to the IOS Go Nav app in the update issued today.