Are map updates also based on live traffic data?

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TomTom traffic information has for years been worthless in low traffic areas, not giving you even the most important information about closed roads. Now I am getting worried that even map updates are based on live traffic data. Maps in cities gets updated, while maps on the countryside gets more and more outdated.


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    Hi @farnol

    The traffic is a layer of information over the navigation maps used on TomTom PND's.

    Both are completely different projects, maps updates are rolled out as quarterly updates while traffic data is real-time information displayed when the device is connected to TomTom Services.

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    Why doesn't TomTom update their maps then?

    This is the reality since September 2018, and yes it is E6:


    This is my fully updated TomTom Go 6000 today, 5 updates later: 18r1qssbh349.jpg

    This, by the way, is MapShare. Still lots of errors, but at least the roundabout is there: 6djyb2vvqg5c.png