Why are you trying to take money from me without authorisation?

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on 6th January I bought a one time 6 month speedcamera subscription for £14.99. This expires in July - obviously. This is how I always do it, renewing when it runs out. This was already more expensive than previously when I'd got one year for £19.99 (for last 4 or 5 years) and the 6 month deal was the only non subscription option.

I received an email on 2nd March, saying that "for my convenience" you were going to take £2.99 a month to continue my subscription, unless I responded within 26 days - I assumed this was an error as this is clearly illegal and since my card had been replaced in the meantime you didn't have the correct card details anyway, so I ignored it.

Today I've received an email saying there was a problem with the payment I never authorised for a service I'm already subscribed to. Obviously the "problem" was because you don't have the correct card details to steal my money.

I'd be grateful for the answer to 3 questions
1) Why does your company think it can send emails authorising itself to take money unless I complain?
2)Why is it trying to take the money long before the current subscription has even ran out?
3)Is the subscription thing an attempt to hide a significant price rise, in the hope that we don't notice that 12x£2,99 is more than £14.99 for 6 months and a lot more than £19.99 for 12 months?

I'll be calling customer services anyway, but expect it may be hard to get through in the current climate, so I'm asking here first....