TRACKS vs ROUTES on MyDrive Online

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I understand the technical differences between Tracks and Routes. I can see where tracks are useful for off-road use where there are no roads on the GPS map to navigate on. I own a Honda Goldwing so I'm not doing much off-roading.

I've been using different versions of the TomTom Rider for about 6 years now and have always used Routes (.ITN files). I feel comfortable with Routes and know I can modify them on the fly due to road closures, weather, etc.

The current version of MyDrive online Route Planner does a seamless job of Syncing Tracks and Favorites to the Rider 550 via WiFi. It's simple yet really slick, works great. But there is no support for Routes (.ITN Files). I understand that technically I can use the "Send Stops" feature of MyDrive, save that to "My Routes" and jump through a couple hoops to end up with a Route (.ITN file) on my 550. But who wants to go through all that ??

So has TomTom  simply dropped all support for Routes (.ITN files)? Did I fail to get that Memo, because there is no way in MyDrive to seamlessly import or Export Routes (.ITN files). I've been using MyRouteApp for this reason but would really like to streamline and do everything in MyDrive.

So for those here, have you been using Tracks exclusively and find they meet all your touring needs? Am I like the old Fart who still has a telephone attached to the wall and needs to get with the program? Are Routes OUT and Tracks IN and I'm the last guy to figure this out?

Your comments are welcome.

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    Ste7ios wrote: »


    Thanks for your response.

    I'm currently using a third method to transfer .gpx and .int files from MyRouteApp that does not require a Windows or Mac computer.

    I use the "Save As" feature in MyRouteApp to save either file format to my Chromebook or Android Phone. I then connect either device to the Rider 550 via usb cable and using a simple file manager cut & paste the route to the 550's memory.

    I've also been able to save multiple files at a time to my devices. MyRouteApp bundles these together in a .zip file. Once on my Chromebook or Android Phone I unzip the file, then cut & paste all the files to the 550's memory all at once.

    In the case of my Android Phone, WiFi is not required as long as I have Phone data. Also, I can travel light with just my phone, no Windows, Mac, or Chromebook required.

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    The main reason to use tracks and not routes is interchangeability.

    A track represent te actual path taken.

    A route on a TomTom Rider Nav4 and Nav5 only supports hard route-points (Stops). Other vendors also support Soft route-points.

    Not optimal placed route-points can give totally different routes on different navigation devices.

    Here an example;


    Same route different maps ore devices.

    Also the road preferences (For example winding route) are not saved in the route files. So even with the same map there can be differences in the route for for different users.

    I have seen many routes on the internet with bigger issues than this example.
    Add the fact that a route-point placed a little bit to much next to the road must be visited or skipped in the menu makes ITN routes less suitable for distribution.

    The TomTom always maps the track to the roads on the map so your Rider is no suitable for off-road use.

    In the older day's there was always a saying. We all have the same route all TomTom user take the first right and the Garmin user the first left.


    Thanks for taking the time to provide additional information and context.