TomTom Updates invoice and order

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Because of "corona" nobody in Belgium & the Netherlands can help me, so I try it this way because of urgency, I'am a trucker and need a quick solution to do my job as well as possible !!

I bought 2 updates for my Trucker 6000 (speedcamera+ Traffic Europe 18 months) but did not receive yet a link to downlaod the updates on my device... Altough it's already paid !!

Please, can YOU help me...? Or reply my mail at least..

Kind regards,


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  • VikramK
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    Hi Dany

    Welcome to the community!

    I have asked the team to sort out the subscription on your account. The services you ordered have been activated for your device.

    I also edited your post to remove the attached invoice and other personal information you posted.

  • Tosca1918
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    Hi Vikram,

    Thanks for your quick answer and your concern!

    I apologize for the personal information that I posted, I won't do it ever again !!

    But, there was only 1 service activated, the "speed camera" update.
    The TRAFFIC EUROPE 18 months, which I also payed for, was NOT ACTIVATED...

    Please, can you ask your team to activate it as well (as quick as possible) ?
    That's the update I need most of all !

    Thanks for your cooporation again.

    Kind regards,