Battery on multisport

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Hello, I also have a problem with battery on my 1. version of multisport. Without doing any sport activity, battery last only about 7h. In treadmil activity - battery last more than 40h. So i decided to downgrade firmware 1.8.52 to 1.8.46.
It was not easy to determine how to do downgrade, but on the end - it is not hard. Now i start test with fully charged watch. I hope older firmware will help.
If not i will try older version than 1.8.46....


  • lampard
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    Hi @melo_jakub

    It seems the case of depleted battery to me. Also, there is no way to revert back the firmware version for Runner & Multisport watches (1st Gen). Perhaps, a power-off reset followed by a factory reset might help in this case.

    Regards, lampard