What in the world reguires MyDrive Connect to download almost 3 GB of data ?? Linux ??

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Today I did a MyDrive Connect update and after almost 1 hr of downloading and numerous messages "our servers are busy..try again" I gave up. Then noticed there was almost 3 GB of new downloads in .../My HOME3/cache folder.

What in the world are you downloading ?? I only drive in 2-3 USA states on the East coast...all other map data is totally useless to me. To reduce the amount of download space why can't I set up a 'my MyDrive Connect profile' that specifies those USA states for which I ONLY want updates ??
It's ridiculous to have to wait so long for an 2-3GB update, 99.5% of which is useless to me

AND.. please tell me if there is a Linux version of MyDrive Connect ...It is very inconvenient to use Windows for just the MyDrive Connect program


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    Hi @AABB

    MyDrive Connect application is only supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.
    No plans for Linux.

    With regards to the server busy error, could you try the troubleshooting advice provided by @LAURE123 in this comment?

    If that does not help then please see the steps in my response here and send me the logs.

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    The link you provided solved the problem...when I followed the procedure, the update took only 5 min and when I checked the TomTom cache directories the download was very small in size compared to the almost 3 Gb MDC downloaded before the fix

    BUT why did MDC download almost 3Gbytes of junk data ??.. I tell you why !!
    I only use Windows 10 to run TomTom MDC so my Win10 OS is installed on a disk partition that has only the Win10 OS and MDC..nothing else.
    This partition has just under 3 GB of free space to accommodate future Win10 updates.

    When I used MDC to update my tomtom device, it somehow freaked out and kept endlessly downloading until it consumed ALL available free space on the disk partition.
    After I stopped the MDC download and logged back into Windows 10 the next day to re-try the fix you recommended, Win 10 sent an error space saying "your disk space is critically low"

    This implies that it was Win 10 that stopped MDC from further accepting any more download bytes from MDC, and MDC in turn responded with a the message to the user saying "our servers are busy..try again..."

    MDC update software has a VERY serious bug that can wipes out all available free space on a user's disk partition; and the tomtom software team is doing a serious dis-service to tomtom customers by not fixing this bug