Update my device (NVA-SD8110)

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Have tried to update my device (NVA-SD8110) and although it appears to have updated QuickGPSfix on TomTomHome when I put sd card back in device it continues to lose the signal. Also it is continually trying to 'retrieve traffic information' without success. My live subscription was updated and I valid until 27/01/21 on device. Pleaase advise


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Angie56

    Welcome to the community!

    If the device fails to get a valid GPS signal, then the problem could be with the GPS chip
    Get in touch with the car dealer to check this.

    Regarding the traffic could you try a factory reset and log in again to TomTom Services on the device? Let's see how it goes after that.

  • Angie56
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    Many thanks Vikram, restoring factory settings seems to have worked.