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I have planned a number of different routes on my PC in My Drive, all saved individually. Each route has a number of stops. When I open the route up to edit on My Drive on the PC it shows the start, end destination and all the stops. The routes are synced to my Go Professional 620. But when I open them on the 620, it only shows the starting point and end destination. None of the stops!!! Why is that and how can I fix it. I was caught out bad this morning.


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    The route is synced as track.
    Tracks do not have stops but are a exact and detailed description of the path to navigate.

    If you want to use the Stops use the Send Stops option in MyDrive (max 20 stops) or use Send ITN Route on my website.

    When you need more than 20 Stops convert your GPX to ITN and use an USB cable to import the route.
    (I use to convert)
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    I used to convert to ITN. How do I import it to my 620? I connected my 620 to the PC via usb. I tried the 'export' option on the myrouteapp, folowed the instructions but when I selected 'export to device', it came up and said "Export failed, please check that you have pressed the import routes button on your tom tom rider device" Does this only work for tomtom Rider?
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    I think I've worked the easiest way out now. I saved the routes (with more than 20 stops) as ITN's onto my PC using MRA. I got a micro SD card, put in my PC and copied the ITN files to the card. I put the card into my 620, which asked me if I wanted to import them which I did. They are now saved as routes on my 620, with all the stops. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate you trying to help a novice.

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    I tried that but my PC is not detecting my Go 620
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    Yes it's only the NAV4/NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Rider 4xx & 5xx With the "Easy route upload" option....
    The NAV4/NAV5 (Wi-Fi) Car Devices use a Micro SD Card as a transfer medium....

    My Rider 550
    The Rider 4xx/5xx will give you direct access to a small buffer/transfer area of the Rider 4xx/5xx Main Memory... You can also access your Micro SD Card, you can drag & drop your .ITN or .GPX route files directly to the Rider 4/5xx Memory buffer/transfer area or the Micro SD Memory card over a secure system
    NavCore Version 15.302
    Released on 3 July 2015
    This update applies to the Rider4xx/5xx
    With the "Easy route upload"... You can connect your TomTom Rider to your PC using a USB cable, then drag and drop your route files directly to and from your device’s memory using a file explorer program.....

    The example below is my Rider 400... The Rider 550 uses the same "Easy route upload"
    (1)... Connect Your device via USB and this screen appears on the Rider 400
    (2)... Tap the Import route Icon and the Rider 400 connects to the secure "Easy route upload"
    (3)... On your PC filing system you should see "Tomtom Rider 400" where you can drag and drop your route files directly into the Rider 400 main memory or the Micro SD Card
    (4)... If you haven't got a Memory card installed it only shows the Rider 400 Main memory
    (5)... Drag & drop your route files to the device or the Memory card
    (6)... When your done tap "Done"
    Note...Mac OS X....
    TomTom Rider uses the USB Media Transfer Profile (MTP) for transferring routes. On a Mac you need to install a program that supports USB MTP, such as Android™ File Transfer.

    Once the program is installed, connect your Rider 4xx/5xx to your Mac and select Import routes. This switches the device to MTP mode. Route files such as GPX and ITN can then be copied to the internal memory of your device or a memory card using the MTP program.

    See Tomtom FAQ...

    You can also use a Micro SD Card as a transfer medium