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Why is width limited to 2.6m on Camper satnav?

My Motorhome is 2.669 M wide (this is very common and not the widest on the market. Why can I not set my Camper satnav to more than 2.600 M? 2.7 M would be ideal; my old GO 1005 Camper allowed this size to be input.

Every route I input says that it is "not suitable for my vehicle", therefore the satnav is not fit for purpose to avoid narrow roads. Even routes purely on motorway (e.g.from one junction to the next) are said to be unsuitable.,

It is only 7.0 M long and 2.860M high so is not a big vehicle. Total max weight 3.25 Tonnes.


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    users on the forum won't know. if you question is directed to tomtom then call them or send an email
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