Iphone IOs 13 blutooth connectivity issues resolved on Via53, maybe the same method for other TomTom

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OK guys n gals, I think I may have found a solution to this damn annoying issue until Tom Tom pull their finger out and I have now had it all working for a few weeks. My Via 53 just would not connect to get live traffic updates or my drive cloud via my Iphone and I tried everything, but it would connect ok using home wifi.
Here is what I successfully did from start to finish: I reset the TomTom back to brand new by going into settings / System and then reset device. On the iphone go into Settings / Bluetooth and delete anything related to the TomTom by pressing the i and forget device.
Switch on the TomTom and set it up as if it was new, connect to wifi to allow you to log in to TomTom Services. Once I was able to log into TomTom services I deleted the wifi so that I knew that the TomTom would be working from my phone. Once I knew it all worked ok using my phone, at a later date I then set up wifi on the TomTom.
Once the TomTom was up and running I added my iphone to it and allowed contacts, TomTom services etc. I then noticed that all TomTom services etc all worked perfectly and did for days without a problem.
Now this is the crucial bit that causes the problem and I advise that you do not use the MyDrive App on your iphone and i will now explain why. Once I had everything up and running and all was perfect I opened the MyDrive app on my iphone and and as soon as the app started I got a Bluetooth Pairing request message saying that the "Tom Tom Via 53" would like to pair with my phone. I clicked PAIR and immediatly all services stopped working and I was back to square one with no services like traffic working at all!
I then reset the device all over again and did all of the above again and all is now working absolutely perfectly everytime and has been for a while.
The key factor of this story is to follow all the steps above but DO NOT use MyDrive app on your iphone or if you do, DO NOT PAIR IT WITH YOUR PHONE!
It certainly worked for my device and I now have no problems at all, hopefully this will also work for you as well.