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Hi, I have a VIA 135 and after having to re-install my europe maps I now can’t navigate anywhere because of the above message!
I have tried updating the GPS as mentioned in the support links but this hasn’t worked.
The update for the Mac OS only goes to version 10.9 and my OS is version 10.15 - could this be the problem?
Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Thanks YFM for your quick response to my question ref my GPS issue.

    All is well now - I moved away from my house location and my GPS signal appeared!

    Having just updated my maps etc must have just been a bad coincidence.

    I don’t usually have this problem at home so it must be down to poor atmospheric conditions up here in Scotland !

    All the best,
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    You're welcome, glad you're sorted :)

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    I have the same problem with my Via 135. Coincidence or not, but it start happening just after updating Europe map v 10.50. Rebooted it, reinstaled my drive connect, removed home 3 and connect drive files, drums, etc. Tried pretty much everything I could find online, but second day in a row without any signal at all.
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    TomTom what F**king joke.. Have to let it start up for 30-60 mins in an area away from buildings and trees and not inside an enclosed area (like a car).. Where is that then? And what is the point!! Waste of money, waste of time..