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GO Supreme - School Zones (Australia)


I have purchased and set up the new TomTom GO SUPREME 6” but unfortunately it
does NOT give a warning (spoken or sound) when approaching a "School Zone". It does
show the correct speed limit (40kph) for the area and I assume that if I was speeding it
would issue a speed warning.

However, my previous TomTom (VIA model) was set to issue a verbal warning
(School Zone 250 mtrs) and worked like a charm albeit all day, but that was OK.

Is there some setting on the Supreme that I need to activate or a POI file that I
need to download to rectify this problem.

Thank you in advance for any responses.



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  • Greg_838Greg_838 Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    Hi Vikram,

    Thank you for your answer and passing on to the Dev team.

    I really think that the inclusion of a School Warning would be of the utmost importance and urgency. Although a speeding warning would be issued at or above 45 kph, I am positive that the injuries to a child would be a lot more severe at 45+ kph that at 39- kph.

    I look forward to when this issue will be addressed.

    Best Wishes,
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