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New Go 60 3D

I just bought a Go 60 3D from the Tomtom Outlet Store, it was delivered yesterday. It doesn't work, it won't download the update map, it won't recognize the same memory card it formatted a few minutes before. Now it is frozen and will only display a message saying "no maps available, reinstall a map you already own or buy a map."

I've restarted several times, same message whether connected to the computer or not. When I go to support on the web site, nothing happens, no contact number, no place to write a message, no email address, nothing. PLUS, the device has some scratches on it, I think I've been sold a used unit. Just as bad, a repair would take 20 days, great.

Is there anything to be done or am I out of my purchase price plus have no navigation device.

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  • czbillczbill Posts: 2 [New Seeker]
    It seems to have worked. Thank you.
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