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I have a via 1535 and haven't used system in a few years because our latest car has gps built in. I was thinking of adding the map of Italy onto unit and taking it to Italy with us. The Tom Tom internet site has been down for the last couple of days so I'm not able to connect to my computer----does anyone know if the map is worth $69 and will it work in Italy. Also how and what do I down to reboot my 1535 gps
thanks for any help that's offered Greg


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    Hi @Greg74

    It is difficult to say whether an Italian map, or indeed any map, is worth it as you will have to judge whether the ability to be directed from A to B etc when away from home without having to think about is is down to you.

    The map should work fine, just as your US map does, except Traffic will not work. TT Traffic only works in the Region within which the Device was purchased so in your case the US. Cameras also will not work but you could purchase the cameras option for when you are there and then cancel it after you return.

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    Hi Greg:

    I purchased a TomTom Rider 550 (a relatively new product) in Canada last month, and have been riding with it in Italy for the past week.

    The TomTom Italian maps are excellent, and both the traffic and speed camera functions work in Italy. This might not be the case with your device, because it is an older device and it may have been intended for use in only one region (for example, North America) rather than being intended for worldwide use like the Rider 550.

    If you are only planning a short vacation in Italy - for example, a couple of weeks - it would probably be less expensive for you to purchase a prepaid SIM card from one of the Italian cell phone providers, load it up with 5 gigs of data, then use your smartphone for navigation, using Google Maps or Apple Maps or whatever free mapping program comes on your smartphone.

    A prepaid SIM card with 5 gigs of data usage (more than enough for a 2 week holiday) will cost you about USD $30. That's less than half the price of a map subscription for your navigator, and you don't have to pack the navigator and bring it with you. I am assuming you are planning to bring your smartphone with you. Just confirm that your smartphone is not "SIM-locked", meaning, that you can put a SIM from a different carrier in it. If you are not sure about this, contact the carrier you use at home for phone service and ask them to check.