Why has the Go app lost all details in the map when driving?

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Hi, I have been using this app for a couple of years on two different Android car headunits, firstly a unit that ran Android 6 and now since Jan 1st this year a headunit that runs Android 9.
On the new unit over the last few weeks I have noticed that the map detail is almost entirely absent (yes I have full maps downloaded and have uninstalled/reinstalled). There are persistent messages about a new look coming so I wondered whether the software is in a partially updated state or similar - hence my uninstall/reinstall.
I have looked to see if there is a simple map detail setting I have not spotted but there isn't much in the way of config options.


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    Hi @dom1965

    Welcome to the Community! The Go Mobile app is made for smartphones only and has never been tested with Android head units.

    Regards, lampard
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    Thanks for replying so promptly. A few things spring to mind.
    • In the past when I have tried to install Android apps to a device type the app does not support (e.g. a tablet), the app will say either "This is not optimised for your device" or flat out refuse to install. It doesn't behave this way, it installs and runs.
    • Your app worked fine on a more or less identical device that ran Android 6.
    • I have a number of navigation apps from your competitors also installed, they all work fine.
    • There is no more suitable device for your app to be running on than an in-car unit so it seems a rather odd decision to not test it for that - happily for you I have been testing it for you and paying for the privilege. I could have just shrugged and deleted it but a comment from another user in a car forum prompted me to contact you.
    • Will your app run on my Android tablet? I will try later and report back, conceptually an in-car Android headunit is simply a tablet that fits a car double din slot and runs on 12V
    I don't mean to come over as snarky, I develop software, as I have often been told, reasonable, accurate, unsolicited feedback/criticism is like gold dust to enable you to improve your product however unwelcome it may appear. I have lost count of the number of times I have been totally unaware of a problem until someone has come along and pointed it out to me.
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    As I mentioned I would do I have installed the TomTom app on my old Android tablet that runs on Android 5 and it works perfectly. This is what I was expecting as the point of a platform like Android is that the OS takes care of hardware differences.