My sat nav seems to have lost the map. I see a white screen can seeimages that lool like charging po

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THe last time I used it was when I updated it. It is a tomtom start 52


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    I’m living in Ireland, I have a sat nav Go Essential just wonder, can you use Eir Codes (like GPS coordinates) to get to yr destinations?...or GPS coordinates?
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    Hi @Iuliansc2020

    No to Eir Codes but you can use Mapcodes. You can use UK postcodes and if you want to use Long/Lat then

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search or Go to
    Tap Whole Map (top Right)
    Scroll down and select Long/Lat. The 3 example Long/Lats shown are your current position if the unit has locked onto the Sats.

    There is a Mapcode App for your phone and with that you can identify an Address, the Long/Lat and a Mapcode for a point anywhere in the world. A map code is accurate enough to pick out a Parking Space in a car park. If you are in Ireland and enter the following GBR DH.FX where you would enter an address in search then accept the first search result you will be directed to the middle gate at the front of Buckingham Palace, London.

    If when you Tap Menu the first Icon says Drive to then you have the Search option in Settings/System set to Step by Step. You may find if you go to that setting and click on it and change it to Quick Search that you will prefer that search option.