GO 510 unsuccesful with MyDrive Connect/map updates

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Just bought used GO510 because it has global map support. However MydriveConnect doesn't If recognise it. Videos don't provide solution in this case. Why are not specific drivers download available if they needed to configure it manually? Device sees it connected, but thats all. The truth is that it's not global nor unlimited if connectivity is this poor.
If I cannot download soon more maps to it, which was the purpose, for my next trip device is totally worthless to me and mind as well toss it into trash. I have already other older Tomtom which covers all the Europe.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Webs123

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    Are you using the original usb cable supplied with the device?

    If yes, could you try using different USB ports on your computer?

    Make sure that MyDrive Connect is not blocked through a firewall or a Anti-virus software installed on your computer.