Why is my Tomtom Start 42 so slow and why is the intuitive software not intuitive?

Alex the Bear
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Hi there, long time Tomtom user, first time poster - driven to ask questions as am at the end of my Tomtom road (excuse the pun), if I can't find some way to sort this.

Firstly, having had 3 Tomtom Start 25s, two of which failed completely after 14 months (just outside warranty, naturally), my wife bought me a Tomtom Start 42. I thought, great a new model, can only be better. What a waste of money and time.

My issues are:-
1. The old Tomtom 25 allowed you to touch anywhere on the screen to get to the menus. And it did it instantly. The 42 takes literally 5-6 seconds to change between screens and has a tiny button in the corner to select the menus. When you get to the menu (I was trying to change from day to night colours - 2 seconds work with a 25), I had to trawl through the menus and couldn't access what I needed anyway. Not easy to use in traffic or simple, so I turned it off rather than be dazzled by my own SatNav. Not a great safety feature.
2. Where is the feature allowing one to save 'my present location'? This appears to have been left off the 'new' software. Can 't find it and what a useful feature it was. You'd follow a friend to a site you've never been to before and then you could find your way back thereafter. Not with the 42, it seems.

This intuitive software with symbols rather than words, presumably so that they can sell it worldwide without having to adjust the software, is not intuitive. You have to guess what the symbols mean as the measly instruction book doesn't tell you anything useful.

Am VERY frustrated with Tomtom and now considering what alternative to buy. My old TomTom One lasted me 15 years and worked faultlessly all that time, only dying when the battery went. The 4(!) models in the last 4 years have been rubbish. Not using these things again without some serious persuading from you experts out there. Really poor software in my eyes.