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In the Netherlands, we will have new rules from 12 March 2020. Between Thursday evening 12 March and Monday morning 16 March, new traffic signs will be placed indicating the maximum speed of 100 km/h. The new speeds will then apply from Monday morning 16 March at six o'clock in the morning.

From now on, a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h will apply during the day. Nothing will change in the evening or at night. Wherever you now have a speed limit of 120 or 130 in the evening or at night, you will be able to do the same later.

Does TomTom support variable speed limits? So during the day (06:00 - 19:00) 100km/h and the remaining hours the regular speed?


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    Hi, @RCoenen

    I think that the latest version of the Maps (ver 10.45) provides the facility that you are after - see:-
    Netherlands speed limits changes will be included in the 10.45 map version.

    (In NL from the 12th of March the speed limits will drop to 100km from 06.00-19.00. During the evening and the night from 19.00-06.00 the speed limits won't change)
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    @Jürgen Where can I sign up for the news letter?
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    @RicoK Have a look into your account.
    There choose "Profile" and scroll down the side. There you can make your selection and then save
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    You should now be offered map updates reflecting the changes to speed limits on Dutch motorways.
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    The new speed limit (120 km/hour) is not fully implemented yet. The display shows the limit of 130 on the A2 from Amsterdam to Utrecht.
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    Hi @Piet1943

    Send the details to Tomtom via the Mapshare facility.

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    Variable speed limits are becoming much more common - surely with the customer base of TomTom there could be some integration with Highways England to provide live speed limits on major motorways
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    Over 800 speed limits wrong in New Zealand and TomTom don't care. This GPS does not have a method to update speed limit changes on existing roads. To make this more annoying, Tomtom support always tell you to "try this map update". Its just a guess, and never ever makes any difference, unless there are new roads added.

    And don't waste time with mapshare reporter, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.