go600 Camera subscription renewed, but still says expired 2 months later

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Renewed my camera subscription on 19th Dec 2019, 1 day after it expired and have the invoice. Still says service has expired. connected by usb to laptop both say logged on and synced. Have just installed latest map update. Help please


  • DougLap
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    Hi @osarchos

    You should contact Customer Support and sort out why you are not getting the service.

    You have not put your country in your profile so here is a link to the full list of Customer Support numbers. Don't answer questions but wait for an agent to answer.


  • osarchos
    osarchos Registered Users Posts: 2
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    Cheers Doug
    Thanks for the speedy reply. The UK is my homeland, must remember to include that in future. Managed to find an option to Email support and attached a copy of the Invoice that they sent me at the time of purchase. I suspected that it may be an admin issue as every other update I get seems to install without any real problems.
    Thanks for taking the time to respond.