Server's certificate not trusted with latest MyDriveConnect

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Since the latest download of MyDriveConnect executing it (on W10) reports
"SSL Errors: Server's certificate is not trusted"
What's going on here?
Judging from the message the MyDriveConnect client side (ie my W10) CANNOT verify it is really talking to the correct MyDriveConnect website, since the SSL certificate presented by that website cannot be verified to be legitimate.
So, in theory, it could be ANY website claiming to be a 'TomTom website'.
Granted, if you 'take the chance' and continue, the website 'cosmetic looks' seem to be pretty genuine, but that's no guarantee.
Paranoid? Maybe, but if you already seem to have bothered having an SSL certificate presented to your clients, why can't it be verified to be 'trusted'?
Am I the only one with this experience, or are there others?
And, is there a way to 'inspect' the SSL certificate presented, so I can assess the risc when continuing.
Anyone? Any insight?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Dyslexia

    Are you using Norton as your anti virus as if so this problem is known by TT and has been referred to the relevant department.

  • Dyslexia
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    Thanks Doug for replying.
    No, I'm not using Norton but ESET security.
    However, disabling ESET still yields the same untrusted error.

    Thanks again.
  • Paro1926
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    Same here. AV: Bitdefender Endpoint Business Security. Disabling AV: still same error. Tried re-install, install with elevated rights, ... still this error
  • DeNeel
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    Here the same:

    Je verbinding is niet privé
    Cybercriminelen proberen mogelijk je gegevens van te stelen (bijvoorbeeld wachtwoorden, berichten of creditcardgegevens). Meer informatie

    Issuer: HydrantID SSL ICA G2

    Expires on: 22 jun. 2022

    Current date: 13 jul. 2022

    PEM encoded chain:

    How is it possible that Tomtom is not refresing their certificates.

    Also you cannot trust.