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I have a Blue&Me TomTom 2 live with 4Gb space. There are a lot of items on the TomTom I do not use. Like starting and closing pictures. Al sorts of avatars. Colours of maps. Etc. If I remove all these items a have more space on the TomTom for a bigger map. With TomTom My Drive Connect I do not succeed. And with TomTom Home the program cannot find my device. I work on a Mac.


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    Hi @_Maaike_

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    The TomTom Blue and Me model has a secured memory and has limited control over the content stored on the device.

    Some content like adding, removing voices, POI's and customized images etc can be achieved using MyDrive Connect-

    Also, adding a link to the public FAQ-

    Note: The Blue and Me model is not compatible to work with TomTom HOME.