Possibility to disable live traffic information?

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Is there a possibility to disable live traffic information, so that i can plan my personal motorcycle routes through the Alps, while the mountain passes are still closed? It is winter now and i am planning my big journey for the summer, but because several mountain passes are closed i am not aible to plan my routes in advantage, because the mydrive route planner does not allow planning along these currently closed roads.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Peter_G46

    When you are using the Planner and inputting the Start /Stops and Finishes there is an option at the bottom which says Leave Now. If you click on that you can select a month and day thus you can input the exact dates , or near enough, you will be travelling. This will resolve the Passes Closed situation.

  • Peter_G46
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    Thanks! That works partly. It is not possible with planning a round trip or a thrill trip (motorcycle / tomtom Rider 410.

    But i can plan a normal trip and make it a thrill trip :-)