TomTom- No Maps Found

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A term that sounds familiar when something goes wrong with the map installation process and your TomTom shows- No maps found.
While the problem is very generic and related to map installation; there are different scenarios that could cause this error. The information in this article aims at explaining these scenarios. It will educate and guide our customers to find a way out.

Case 1:

When the problem is as simple as the map not getting installed on the internal memory or the memory card you can simply follow the steps advised in the video below to download the map again: -

MyDrive Connect-

Wi-Fi Connection-

Case 2:


The firmware has to read two files on your device to load the map.
- Map
- Map Certificate

During the update process map installation fails but the certificate gets installed, MyDrive Connect will not offer the same map for download. The required map files are not installed on the device so it will continue to show the 'no maps' error.

Over here you need to contact the customer service to get the certificate removed. They have the tools in the backend to create scripts that will remove the certificate.

Once the certificate is removed the map will be offered as a download again in MyDrive Connect.

Case 3.1:

Map update process gets stuck due to connectivity issues and gets failed after multiple tries:

Downloaded files are verified before they get installed. If the check finds anything wrong, the installation doesn’t start. In most cases, this is related to an interrupted connection.

• Aggressive anti-virus/firewalls.
• Poor wi-fi connection and internet speed.
• ISP (Internet Service Provider) or router issues. This also includes office and business networks.

It’s recommended that you read the advice provided in our article here:

Using a fast internet connection along with configured anti-virus and firewall on the computer. Avoid installing updates by clicking on 'Update all" instead use the My Content tab and install one update at a time..

Case 3.2:

When the internal memory on the device doesn't have enough space to install a single map e.g. Europe; you cannot use an SD card(external memory to install maps) until it's recognized and formatted on the device. This scenario could be called a catch-22 situation. This mostly happens with the 8GB memory devices which come with Lifetime Europe maps. The memory card can only be recognized and formatted when there is at least one map installed on the internal memory.

On this topic, you will find a detailed explanation provided by YamFazMan.

To resolve this problem you can request a small map to be added to your account by contacting our customer service or post your request on our community. The activated small map device can be installed on the device's internal memory. Once the device is up and running just insert the memory card and you will be prompted to format it on the device. Connect it MyDrive Connect, it should allow you to proceed with the installation of the full Europe map.