re-installing software on my GO5000

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Does anyone know how to re-install the software on my GO5000? the satnav keeps sending me the wrong way, tells me to turn left/right when I know the correct way is straight on or turns me right when I know left is the correct way. It is driving me mad.


  • Lochfrass
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    Are the route planning options set correctly?
    So fastest route etc.?
    Have you set anything that should always be avoided, e.g. motorways?

    You can reset the device to factory settings.
    Menu/Settings/System/Reset device
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    Thank you I have reset and will have to wait for my next journey to test.
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    I now have GO PEMIUM and I am still getting same problem as with GO 5000. I wish I had bought a Garmin. I am fed up with being taken the wrong way and it is set to take fastest route. Returning home today device kept trying to turn me onto back roads, I ignored and proceeded my usual route expecting it to pick up the change but it took me past the A road I wanted and took me 6 miles further out of London did a circle route and re-joined the A road miles down from where I usually connect after a tour of country side. Will un-install and re-install software solve the problem if so how do I do it? not a re-set a complete un-install. This is not the first time it has happened.
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    The 1st Section of the Route planning Menu Screen applies when you have already planned a route and you are driving the Route
    On the Live Tomtom Devices 'When a faster route become available' the device will....
    Option... (1) = Don't ask me... Always take the Fastest route
    Option... (2) = Always ask me... Before taking the Fastest route
    Option... (3) = Don't Ask me at all... Stick to the planned Route

    Route planning screen... Section (1)
    The 2nd Section of the Route planning Menu is the default Route planning type for ALL Route planning
    Option... (1) = Fastest route
    Option... (2) = Shortest route
    Option... (3) = Most eco-friendly route
    Etc... Etc...

    Route planning screen... Section (2)
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM