New Version Mydrive Web Route Planner no option to register Dislike

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MMydrive Web Route Planner new version just appeared one morning without warning.
I did not see the options pop up so I did not get the chance to register "I dislike it, the previous style was better. How do others feel about the new style?
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  • dmulv
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    I like it, although I would say the traffic lines are now a little too thin. I can understand why they've done it, as on bad traffic days it can look very crowded and masks a big chunk of detail - but maybe thicken it up a little to make it slightly clearer where the hold-ups are?

    Not much, probably 1 or 2 pixels would do it.
  • kar1923
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    Totally agree with dmulv,
    Also colours not helpful for people with Daltonsim. (colour blindness)
    Also when you zoom in to make it easier to read, the map gets covered in Bus Stops.
  • Aero1299
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    Hi Kar 1923 - If you want the pop-up to re-appear to register your opinion, delete your cookies from your browser and then when you open the webpage again, it should pop up. You have to be quick as it vanishes after a few seconds.
    I dislike the new colours as you cannot see where the traffic issues are . I agree that the previous rendering was a bit heavy, but if Tom Tom just narrowed the lines slightly. I particularly liked the chevrons showing the direction of the traffic and the severity
  • Niall
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    If you are using Chrome as your browser
    1. log out of mydrive
    2. go to chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies and search for 'tomtom'
    3. then delete the & cookies.
    When you log back into you will then be offered the opinions pop up
  • kar1923
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    Thanks for help have registered my opinions.
    Good to know it isn't just me who dislikes new style