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Hi im new to this forum as i have never previously owned a TomTom and am learning as i go on my new rider 550. I have created a planned route for a summer trip which covers multiple stop s through france / Spain and ends in portugal. I have managed to create it in MyDrive and sync it to my 550. I would like to know how you stop a route at any point without deleting / clearing it from the device, so you can continue where you left off the next day - all i seem to be able to find is how to clear a route completely which isn't what i need - any help appreciated.


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    To Stop Menu -> Current Track -> Clear Track
    To reload Menu -> My Routes -> Select and Start Track (Drive to nearest point)
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    Thanks @RoadRider , that information is very useful to me too.

    I like your style - nice, tight, concise answer!

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    When you stop tracks often it is also possible te add a Clear Route button on the screen.

    Clear Route button: You can add the clear route button to the route bar within the Guidance view. To enable this option, go to Menu -> Settings -> Appearance - > Route bar -> Show Clear route button.