Processor on the TomTom and the support for post code search

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Do all tomtom have quad processors.and can all tomtom use post code to find address many thanks.martin


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    moon wrote: »
    Do all tomtom have quad processors
    Not known ???
    The latest Go Premium Range, like the rest of the NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices, has a 2x faster Processor than the previous NAV4 Range like Go 6000
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    Can all Tomtom use postcode to find address many thanks.martin
    For Postcode searches AVOID the Start 42/52/62 Range with the 'Step by Step' search engine as the only search option....

    All of the previous NAV4 Models and the remaining Models in the NAV5 Range... The Via, GO and Premium Ranges have both the excellent "Quick search" and "Step by Step search" as menu options
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> System --> Choose a search mode
    (1).... Quick Search (Default)
    (2)... Step by Step

    The Start 42/52/62 Range....
    This is also long standing problem for Postcode searches....
    The Postcode code search bug when using the latest Start devices is a real pain
    Any search for a Postcode... You have to enter a road/street name to execute a search ??? Why....
    If you know the road/street name and a house number you don't need the Postcode
    Most people use a Postcode because they don't know the road/street name and house number
    Isolated farms, Single building, Office blocks, Retail parks, Hospitals, New builds etc...
    For me it renders the latest Start 42/52/62 Range useless in the UK