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How to update GO 930


what is the newest map possible for go 930 and how can I update maps and possibly firmware?


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 20,067
    edited February 2020

    Th latest Tomtom Maps are v1040

    The GO 930 is a NAV2 device updated using Tomtom HOME....

    Installing TomTom HOME

  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
    Hi @frambooisier

    If the serial number of your GO90 starts with J6 then regrettably it has been declared as obsolete and so there is no support from Tomtom in the form of Operating Software or Maps. This means there will be no updates available unless the device was sold with Lifetime Map updates in which case that is currently being honoured.

  • frambooisierframbooisier Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    That was fast :)

    My unit is go 930, and serial starts at J6. It means that there are the newest maps available that would fit my unit, but it's no longer supported, so I won't be able to get it?
  • frambooisierframbooisier Posts: 3 [New Seeker]
    Can I at least get the newest old map?
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 8,856
    Hi @frambooisier

    I regret it is very unlikely that there are any more up to date maps available on the servers but if there are then @VikramK will advise tomorrow.

  • tiljestiljes Posts: 254 [Supreme Pioneer]
    You can update the firmware to cure the GPS Fix problem. But that's only available unofficially. Search for GSW3.6.0.
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