Memory card in tomtom 500

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My TomTom doesn't recognise my memory card anymore although I can format it on my PC so it is recognised by that, I have downloaded a smaller map but that's not showing on my device although the internal memory is depleted " no maps available ".
Cheers Andy

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  • AGreat
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    Hi and thanks the SD formatting tool worked the Micro SD card obviously didn't like windows formatting it.
  • Magnus_Karlsson
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    Thanks for very useful information in this thread. I have a GO 510 navigator and want to install a larger 32 GB card to be able to install both US and European maps. Unfortunately the installation fails and the GO 510 cannot identify the card after formating it.
    The 32 GB SD card and the smaller 16GB that I used before are both SanDisk manufactured and micro SDHC. The old is working fine and the new is not even though it has been used in a tablet without any problem for several years.

    In trying to fix this, I have done the following steps:
    1) format the 32GB to FAT32 in Windows 10 on my laptop (the complete formating and not the quick format)
    2) inserting the card into the GO 510, chosing format for maps and initiated the formating
    3) after approximately 2 minutes the format process freezes (the little wheel on the screen stops rotating)
    4) after a minute or so the GO 510 and MyDrive Connect on the laptop seems to run a reset of the device but this fails and stops after some time and give a message that the device is not connected
    5) at this stage I have unplugged the GO 510 from the laptop and tried a soft reset but keeping the button pressed for some seconds after the reset drum sound comes - in the "bios menue" that opens I can now see that there is 7456 MB internal flash and 29664 MB SD card capacity
    6) disconnecting from the laptop and doing a new soft reset/start with pressing the start button and releasing directly on the drum sound the device starts up
    7) since I placed a small map on the internal memory the GO 510 starts as expected (really surprised that this shall be necessary)
    8) when the GO 510 is started I connect it to MyDrive Connect on the laptop BUT now the SD card is not available even though visible as in step 5) above

    Please assist with some solution to this situation.