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when planning a trip route planner does not take me down the road that I want to even if I enter the name and suburb or highway number it takes me out of the way and back to the road. I spend an hour or so fiddle farting around working on a route that I want to go to take trying to get a route that should take take minutes to do, even dragging the "dots" from one road to the other does not work efficiently. Unlike Google Maps maybe Tom Tom should pinch some ideas off Google, I am feeling a bit frustrated and feel as though I have wasted big bucks when i could have acquired something free. When it works it is fine.


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    Good-day, are you trying to go down one of those outback dirt roads, or is it a nice urban macadamised street?

    Can you give an actual example of one of these routes that you can not get the planner to do as you like, so other users can try it out and see what they can do to tweek it