Missing closed road information today

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I was quite impressed when a couple of days ago my GO Camper correctly identified a closed road and planned an alternative route (the one shown in the Google Maps screenshot). However, today it seemed to think the road was open, which from the looks of what is going on at the affected junction, won't be for quite some time. How can it get things right one day and wrong on another day? Also, the sat nav tried to direct me down one of the roads on the industrial estate which is fenced off, so two big mistakes over a short distance. I'm less impressed now.


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    I have had issues with Road Closures and Tomtom for some considerable time......... I tend to travel a lot at night time and this is when road closures on the Motorways take place and I am forever finding that the Motorway or a Junction exit is closed but Tomtom thinks it is open.................. :/

    But in Tomtom's defence the issue can often be one of timing. If the chaps laying out the cones on the Motorway do not tell the controller the road works have started or are late giving the advice, then QED TomTom and all the other navigation providers do not know.............. ;) the same can occur for local roadworks.

    For example, on Monday night my wife was travelling home on the M25 anticlockwise and the overhead gantry signs told her the M25 was closed from J21A to J20 but the TomTom was saying the Motorway was open. She called me at home and asked for my help so I called Traffic England and asked for confirmation plus if the exit at J21A was open.

    They confirmed the Motorway Closure, but were unable to confirm if the exit at J21A was open. I then spent some time reviewing what Google Maps, Waze and TomTom (MyDrive) were saying, interestingly although Traffic England confirmed that Google Maps obtained their data from Traffic England Google was not showing the main Motorway closure at all. Waze had it all correct and TomTom over a period of the next 30 minutes showed several different scenarios, open / partial ( showing a route diverting from J22) then closures; which made it all so puzzling.

    I first saw on Waze and then TomTom that a traffic delay was building up at the J21A exit so this confirmed to me the exit was open and I advised my wife accordingly.

    Before talking in detail about the Terrace Road closure it must also be borne in mind that the mapping as confirmed by Tomtom for the Go Camper and Trucker are not producing correct navigation routes which may had an impact of the routing provided by your Go Camper – I have lost faith with my Go Camper and am waiting with bated breath the next release of maps which “possibly” will cure this issue.

    In respect to your Terrace Road Closure, all of my Tomtom (Go Camper and Premium X) devices are showing at midnight that Terrace Road is fully open, but what is puzzling is that Tomtom MyDrive earlier tonight was showing Terrace Road was closed for approximately 150 yards but now 6 hours later MyDrive is showing the closure extends for half a mile.

    At 6pm

    Just after midnight

    So why are my Tomtom devices showing Terrace Road is open whereas MyDrive is showing the road is closed?

    @VikramK @lampard Any Comment?