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Why bother with TomTom surveys?

Longshanks0511Longshanks0511 Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
Infuriating experience this morning. TomTom sent me a new product owner survey to complete. Unfortunately they couldn't be bothered to update the device list on page 1 so I aborted. I tried to tell them but the original email doesn't accept replies. You don't find this out until you have replied, then you get a "We will not respond to emails..." reply. Curiously this message includes an Incident Number - presumably not a meaningful one if there is to be no reply. But there is a link to a support page - sadly the link doesn't work. I then try to navigate my way through the support pages but completely fail to find a link to a human being. Hopefully someone at Tom Tom reads these posts and will take action because I've lost the will to continue trying to be helpful and constructive customer.

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  • Longshanks0511Longshanks0511 Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
    Lochfrass wrote: »

    you also can scroll down this page and click on "contact us" on the left side. Then choose your device and you can see following:

    Thank you. I'll try the phone number link. Interesting that my Safari version of the "Get Support" page you copied does not include the links inside the rd box!
  • Longshanks0511Longshanks0511 Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
    Yes - quite right - it appears after a delay and only for certain drop-down selections.
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