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When will the Apple iOS 13.x and Rider 550 problem with MyDriveConnect be fixed?

ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 80 [Outstanding Wayfarer]

Hello Vikram:

Do you know if TomTom plans to take any action to update the MyDrive application for iOS to resolve the loss of functionality that Rider 550 users have suffered since Apple revised their Bluetooth protocols in November 2019?

Further discussion of that problem is here Rider 550 & iPhone XS Bluetooth Connectivity Problem.

I bought my Rider 550 in January 2020, based on TomTom's advertised specifications, User Manual version 18.2, and training video that all state that the device provides handsfree calling, traffic data, and SMS messages read out loud via the MyDriveConnect app. My Rider 550 does not support these features due to the current incompatibility between the latest version of Apples iOS (version 13.3.x) and the existing version of the TomTom MyDriveConnect app for iOS.

I understand and accept that corporate confidentiality policies prevent detailed disclosure of future software development plans, but a response as general as "We're aware of the problem and intend to fix it in the future" would be a satisfactory answer for me.


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  • ST1300_PanEuropeanST1300_PanEuropean Posts: 80 [Outstanding Wayfarer]

    Hello Vikram:

    Can you comment on my post of February 15th, above?

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    Hi @ST1300_PanEuropean

    The last statement I posted about it was here, I am still waiting for updates from the team. Only then I will be in a better position to reveal further plans.

    As soon as I learn more about it I will post on the same topic.

    I have moved your comment to a new discussion as it was posted on the GO Navigation app topic.

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    Hi Vikram:

    Thanks very much for your response, and thanks also for the link you provided to your last statement - I guess because I am a new customer (just bought my TomTom Rider 550 last month), I had not been around the forum long enough to see your earlier post. It was thoughtful of you to link back to it.

    At the end of February, I'm taking my motorcycle to Tunisia to spend a month riding around there. I bought the TomTom because TomTom's maps of North Africa are superior to any other GPS navigation device providers.

    I don't think I'll need traffic while I am there - the picture below shows you the only traffic I encountered during a month of riding in Morocco last year. And as for phone - I'm retired, I hope no-one bothers me by phoning during this trip. :)


    North African Traffic Problems
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