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Hi, My maps have dissappeared on my TomTom 500, I did an update in Januay and updated Mydrive connect this evening but still nothing, I have tried to reset the device but it get's to halfway loading with TomTom on the screen then I get an X next to the computer and a triangle with an exclamation mark in it on the device while My Drive Connect says it is restoring my device then it tries again, now its stuck in a loop.


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    Hi @AGreat

    I reviewed the logs for the downloads and I see the map of Europe is offered for download but it keeps failing because of any of the reasons mentioned below-

    > Aggressive anti-virus / firewalls.
    > Poor Wi-Fi connection.
    > ISP (Internet Service Provider) or router issues. This also includes business networks.

    It’s recommended that you read the advice provided on the FAQ here:

    Using a fast internet connection along with a configured anti-virus and firewall on the computer should help. Avoid installing updates by clicking on 'Update all" instead use the My Content tab and install one update at a time..

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    I'm using Win 10 and I don't have any anti virus installed, I'm using a CAT6 connection to my virgin router which is connecting at ;

    Ping ms

    Download Mbps

    Upload Mbps
    I just tried again with the firewall off, then I changed the USB cable for one that came with the TomTom and still nothing.

    I just re installed Ny Drive Connect and still nothing