My Tomtom 3 cardio with music screen stays blanc.

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I used my watch today for about 5 hours without problems. Then I loaded the session to the internet and went to swim. During the half hour swim I got the connection icon on the screen, so I assumed the battery was low. I connected the watch to the computer when I got home, got a scrambled screen and then nothing, just a blanc screen. I left it for a while on the computer, but nothing happened. It is totally dead. Anyone with a solution?


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    You may have gotten water inside the watch. Once you plugged it in and introduced a charge you probably fried it. You can try letting it dry out for a few days which will also drain the watch battery and then reset it and see if that helps. Otherwise it is dead and it is time for a new watch (not another TT as the Sports Division went out of business over 2 years ago).