How do you justify high prices for services that Google Maps offers for free?

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I don't understand why I am to be forced to pay high premiums for services such as traffic and cameras, when Google Maps offers these as part of its base application. I like my TomTom, but I'm not going to pay such high prices for things I can get free of charge. After years of using TomTom devices, I will not be updating my unit. I'll just get a dash mount for my iPhone instead.


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    Hi @Rick0965

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    Unlike the new generation devices the Nav3 didn't have the subscription for lifetime services.

    There are only two options where you can either go for a device with Lifetime services(Maps / Traffic / Speed cameras) or a TomTom app for your smartphone which runs on a minimum subscription basis.

    Vikram :)
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    Also bear in mind that not all traffic services are equal. TomTom Traffic is widely regarded as superior to Google's (or any other navigation software).

    I'm sure Google/Waze isn't too far behind (on the main roads at least), but personally speaking I value accurate traffic over yet more data slurping from an advertising giant with their 'free' services.