Connection constantly switching on/off

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My TomTom GO 6000 has always worked fine on my Mac mini.
But since a couple of months the connection is constantly switching on and off.
I have tried a lot of things in order to make it possible to update my TomTom 6000 again.
- Reinstalled application TomTom MyDrive Connect
- Removed the drivers from the Network
- Used other cables
Now I have new Mac mini (2018 model) and hoped this would solve the problem, but it doesn't.
The weird thing is that when I connect the GO 6000 to my wife's MacBook Pro, the connection is stable and I can update the GO 6000.
I have no idea what is causing this problem, but maybe somebody also has had this issue and knows a solution?
Here is a small movie on how it looks in the network preferences.


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    That is strange indeed. If the device updates without any issues on a different Mac then probably the issue is not with MyDrive Connect or the device.

    But yes, if our community users have experienced this and would like to share a fix please do :)

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    This week I formatted the SSD and did a complete clean install on my new Mac mini and also did a clean install of all my applications and TomTom MyDrive Connect was one of them.
    When I attached my TomTom 6000 and opened TomTom MyDrive Connect the result was the same as seen in the short movie in my first message.
    Still wondering why TomTom MyDrive Connect does work on my MacBook Pro, I noticed a difference in the used network drivers.
    On my Mac mini the driver is TomTom GO 6000 while on my MacBook Pro the driver is TomTom GO 6001.
    Can this be the reason why I'm having problems on my Mac mini?
    Is there a way to have the TomTom GO 6001 driver on my Mac mini?
    (this driver isn't listed in the network interfaces in System Preferences --> Network)
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    Today I updated TomTom My Drive Connect to the latest version (
    I'm so pleased that my TomTom GO 6000 is connecting fine now.
    Thank you TomTom.