Why does this not work with iOS 13.3.1?

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I have a 620 go WiFi, recently switch from an android phone where everything was working perfectly until they updated their OS again where traffic live just stopped working.

I have switched to an iPhone 11 with iOS 13.3.1 and its the same as was on the Android, I get no live traffic at all and no mydrive either, does anyone know if this is this going to be rectified anytime soon?

I rely on this live traffic stuff for my work travel and courses.

Sometimes it says its connected but still does not work, I have tried, rebooting, deleting, resetting, reinstalling, reconnecting blah blah blah lol, not my firs electronic that stopped working.

I have also read through a lot of forum stuff and its a common problem, is there a fix or is tom tom going to sort it out anytime soon?

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    Thank you, I will take a look, its funny because my sony experia XZ2 started doing the same as the iphone a month or so ago before i got the iphone 11 and did exactly the same after its android OS update, which was anither reason for switching back to iphone to then be confronted by the same bloody problem with the tom tom not connecting at all